About Us

Simple and creative, artistic and efficient, Silver Sky creates and delivers high-quality professional images. To us, photography is not just about taking a beautiful photo. More than that, it’s about creating memories, capturing the reasons behind the smiles, and building positive, unique relationships with our clients. Every shot showcases our varying styles and artistic compositions, revealing the different techniques that make our photography incomparable. From the moment the shutter is first released, each project presents us with unique adventures, giving us opportunities to expand our expertise and help Silver Sky shine that much brighter. 

Al Battle, Co-founder of Silver Sky
Camera: Nikon D300
Specialty: Black and White Photography

After earning his degree from the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in New York, he was uncertain of the professional path he wanted to choose, motivated by a suggestion from a friend, Al turned his focus toward the field of photography. He attended the International Center of Photography to develop his knowledge in digital photography while acquiring skills and techniques to make his work stand out. Thanks to hard work, consistency, and determination, Al was granted the opportunity to work and assist a number of professional photographers, among them Jim Franco, Beth Galto, Betty Blau, Steven Randazzo, Maureen Cavanagh, and James Mooney. Recently he shadowed a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine and learned certain tricks of the trade one can only learn in the field. Inspiration from the world around him in addition to the invaluable lessons he was taught over the years makes Al eager to continue to mature as a photographer.

Jonathan Lopez, Co-founder of Silver Sky
Camera: Canon 50D
Specialty: High-End Fashion
A graduate of Richmond Hill High School in New York, Jonathan continued his education at the International Center of Photography in an attempt to get a better understanding of his creative vision. He remains focused on expanding his approach to photography, using his free time to experiment with lighting techniques and methods to enhance his photographic style and compositions. Jonathan has a great passion for the ever-evolving world of high-end fashion. His goal is to bring the inner beauty of his subjects to the forefront of his photography. Jonathan’s dream is to have his work featured in magazines, on posters, and on billboards throughout the world. He has an energetic attitude and a creative and unique style that he strives to reflect in his work.