Silver Sky Professional Photographers

Simple and creative, artistic and efficient, Silver Sky™ creates and delivers high-quality professional images. To us, photography is not just about taking a beautiful photo. It’s about creating memories, capturing the reasons behind the smiles, and building positive, unique relationships with our clients. Every shot showcases our varying styles and artistic compositions, revealing the different techniques that make our photography incomparable. From the moment the shutter is first released, each editingproject presents us with unique adventures, giving us opportunities to expand our expertise and help us shine that much brighter. We’re a budding photography company rooted in New York City. Founded by two entrepreneurs eager to establish their reputation in the professional visual arts community, Silver Sky is approaching the photography world with an enthusiasm that begs to be matched. We invite you to browse our website and see for yourself how perfectly we can fit your personal or business-related artistic needs. Check out our blog to see what we are working on currently, or read alittle more about us.