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In the spring of 2008, Daisha Graf— then 20 years old and unknown, started a back-up dance career that’s spanned some of the largest urban hip-hop and R&B tours in recent memory— Rihanna, Diddy, Ryan Leslie, Letoya Lucket, Jill Scott and Beyonce to name a few. Even before graduating with a BA in Dance from Hofstra University, Daisha earned notice as a talented member with the Imani Dance Ensemble and NYC based Rhapsody The Company.

However, after reaching the top of the working commercial dance world, her passion and vision to express herself as a performing artist hadn’t quite satisfied her own self-fulfillment.

“Even before being on the road for so long, I envisioned an original live experience more theatrical and expressive than dance alone could reveal about me,” says Daisha, spoken with a warm smile and a truly endearing attitude. Her artistic presence is noticeable, and likable. Its almost if an aura surounds her that all at once says- ‘earth mother’ meets ‘Beyonce,’ but its not until one samples her music that the word ‘Tron’ is added to her club-like soundscapes. “I began to have intense dreams about a body of material that reflected me. It included my own electric sound, vibe, and style. I knew if I really went for it, I’d risk all the hard work I’d built so far, including my reputation as a professional dancer.” Daisha continued, “I really hope I can shed light to those who also dream about creating anyway that frees the spirit.”

Now working vigorously in the studio with some of New York’s youngest and brightest hip-hop, pop, and dance producers, Daisha, has undergone her own self-aware transformation. Free from the bonds of her perceived one-sided career, she’s elevated her artistic endeavors from only interpreting body movement from sound, to creating the sound and lyrics that also augments her dance style unilaterally, or as Daisha says “Creating new choreography to my own music is the best!”

Less you think this is the story of just another professional dancer wanting to be a pop-star, Daisha was trained as a classical pianist since the age of 5 and also participated in choirs throughout high school and college. “Music had always been an important part of my life, but dance became the perfect medium for exposing me to the professional music industry.”

Soon enough, Daisha landed a coveted spot on Rihanna’s European tour- “A Girl Like Me”. When she returned, she signed with the agency Clear Talent Group and continued performing all over the world with the renowned artists mentioned above. Additionally through her agency, Daisha landed roles on feature films such as, Step Up 2, Step up 3D, and When in Rome.

It was around this time that veteran music manager Jeff Robinson, CEO of MBK Entertainment, discovered Ms. Graf’s versatility, bold vision and her ability to turn heads with action. After extending an artist management and production contract, Daisha can now be found comfortably at home with an incredible MBK roster of artists where artistry, hard work and musical talent are heralded above all else.